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  • Date: March 29, 2019
  • Speaker: Jorge Urrutia

Title: On-line local routing algorithms


In this paper we study on-line local routing algorithms for plane geometric net- works. Our algorithms take advantage of the geometric properties of planar to route messages using only local information available at the nodes of a network. We pay special attention to on-line local routing algorithms which guarantee that a message reaches its destination. A message consists of data that have to be sent to a destination node, i.e. the message itself plus a finite amount of space that keeps only a constant amount of data to aid a message to reach its destina- tion, e.g. the address of the starting and destination nodes, a constant number of nodes visited, etc. Local means that at each site we have at our disposal only local information regarding a node and its neighbors, i.e. no global knowledge of the network is available at any time, other that the network is planar and connected. We then develop location aided local routing algorithms for wireless communication networks, in particularly cellular telephone networks.

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